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Rempah Briyani 100g


Adabi Rempah Biryani Powder can be used to create this deliciously classic biryani dish; enhancing the genuine flavour and enriching the aroma.

Serbuk Rendang Ayam & Daging


Adabi Rendang Powder can be used to create truly scrumptious Rendang; enhancing the genuine flavour and adding to the aroma of the dish.

Nourishing Hand & Body Lotion


An ultra-lightweight hydrating body lotion that makes your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturised.

Rendang Paste (XL) (Operator’s Pack)

Min (25 piece)

1 kg Other menu - tomyam, asam pedas, masak merah, palembang, rendang, ikan bakar Portugis, Thai Green curry, ungkep cili padi & sweet sour (please indicate the preferance via chat) Minimum order: 25 Shelf life: 2 yrs


Water Source Hydrating Toner


This toner is formulated to refresh and soothe the skin for boosting the effectiveness of your entire skincare regimen. As it contains the moisture-binding ingredients, it deeply hydrates the skin and improves moisture retention hence leaves the skin smooth, soft and hydrated.

CARRO Leafy Spring Golf Polo


What’s New? This CARRO polo is even more comfortable with our new anti-bacterial feature for maximum freshness all-day-long. Part of CARRO Golf Polos - THE RESORT COLLECTION Inspired by art and nature. Featuring all new exciting patterns and designs. Comes in a variety of vibrant colors  that will keep you excited throughout the day! This polo will soon be your new favourite, as it is care-free, just wash and dry. So this means, less time fussing and more time doing the things you Love!

XCube Salted Egg (60g)


Express Cooking Complete Meal Cube, Just add water Net weight: 60g Suitable for meals of 9-10 persons

Hair Moisturizing Shampoo


Formulated with basil root culture extract and xylitol, this hydrating shampoo helps to prevent hair loss and dandruff. Your hair will be lustrous, shiny and healthy.

Chili Sauce


"Kami menyediakan Sos Cili yang sesuai untuk pelbagai guna - Burger - Roti John - Ayam masak Masam Manis - Sos perencah dan pencicah makanan anda. ""Citarasa Mewah Harga Ekonomi"" Kami telah diiktiraf Halal oleh JAKIM"

Sarawak Kampua Mee (1 Carton)


Toona sinensis oil is extracted for more than 24 hours, match with smooth handmade noodle. Delicious and healthier!

Skin Ease Cleanser 300ml


"(NOT210301953K) • Dried body of Stichopus horrens extract • Proprietary blend of 7 herbs extracts – Pegaga, Green Tea, Licorice, Rosemary, Japanese Knotweed Root & Skullcap Root • Cleanses without drying the skin's moisture barrier. • Soothing and calming effect on irritated skin. • Contains pentavitin for extra moisturizing effect.

Mikaseries – Mikalipz Lip Repairing Treatment


Mikalipz by Mikaseries is a supremely hydrating and smoothing balm and repairing treatment with a nourishing blend of super powerful oils.




Adabi Chicken and Meat Kurma Curry Powder can be used to create an authentic kurma curry; elevating the rich aroma and enhancing the flavour of the dish.

ActiPlus 100 60’s


It is a natural health product for improving liver function based on Taiwan's national treasure Antrodia Cinnamomea, Phellinus japonica and Artichoke. Suitable for Frequent socializing, drinking, excessive fatigue, poor sleeping quality, loss of appetite etc.

Aglio Olio Flavorista


Method of cooking: 1. Heat 60ml olive oil and add 300g seafood/chicken. Cook for 1 minute. 2. Add in 600g cooked spaghetti and 50g Flavorista Aglio Olio premix. Mix it well. 3. Ready to serve.

Ahimsa Vegetarian HALAL Authentic Rendang Bearhead Mushroom


Ready-made Vegetarian Authentic Rendang Bearhead Mushroom sealed in a vacuum pack, just need to reheat to eat! - Serves 2-3 pax - Suitable to be eaten with rice. - It does not need to be refrigerated, it is fast and convenient to prepare.

Ahimsa Vegetarian HALAL Natural Chili Padi Sauce


100% VEGETARIAN Certification: HALAL, HACCP, GMP, ISO22000 No Added MSG, Coloring and Pesticides.



"Keistimewaan Ajwa berbanding kurma yang lain? -Menghindari daripada sihir dan sebarang racun -Meningkatkan kesuburan dan membantu ibu mengandung serta menyusu - Melancarkan proses pencernaan -Meningkatkan daya tubuh badan - Menstabilkan tekanan darah, menjaga kesihatan jantung, dan mencegah diabetes"

Almaz Shower Oil 300ml


Almaz Pure & Simple Shower Oil Almaz tm Shower Oil is an ultra-nourishing body wash infused with a proprietary blend of premium oils consist of castor, sweet almond, rosehip, avocado and lavender oil. It transform into a rich cleansing milk when in contact with water, providing a luxurious lather. It hydrates and softens the skin as it gently cleanses, so you step out of the shower feeling fully relaxed and rejuvenated. Direction of use: Lather and massage in the shower and rinse off with water. *Cold temperature may cause the product turn slightly cloudy due to high percentage of oil.#

Almond Brownies Cookies (100g)


Ready to eat ; - Chocolate Beryl's - Egg - Sugar - Flour - Salt - Almond


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